Welcome to St. Paul's Methodist Church

Serving the Community of Sowerby Bridge

St. Paul's Methodist Church in Sowerby Bridge

Welcome to St. Paul's. Our Church is a very modern building as Church's go and has stood in its current location since 1988, following a major fire which saw our previous building destroyed. All are welcome to come and worship or visit us, our motto is 'Serving the Community' which we do in so many ways whether it be through Worship and Faith, a location for Community groups to meet or even a place to host a Birthday party, whatever your need you will always be welcomed with open arms.

Worship & Service

We Will: Pray Daily,
Worship regularly,
Look and listen for God daily,
Be good neighbours to those in need,
Challenge Injustice
& Seek the common good.

Learning & Caring

We Will:
Seek to learn more of God and Gods world,
Practise friendship and care for others as well as ourselves,
Honour creation and tend the environment,
& Practice hospitality and generosity.


We Will:
Witness to the
love of God in Jesus,
Speak of faith to others
& help each other
be better disciples.

The Methodist Way of Life

The 'Methodist Way of Life' is not about wanting to be 'holier than thou'. It is about wanting the love of God to flow into our life, and for us to pass that love onto others around us. God gives us the Holy Spirit, and when we respond, then the Grace of God flows through us and is delivered into countless lives around us, as well as our own. John Wesley taught us about 'Christian Perfection.' He believed that any mature Christian can reach a state where the love of God reigns supreme in their heart. We can never match the perfection of God. But we can reach perfection in our Love. However we do not become Holy on our own. We believe in what John Wesley called 'Social Holiness', therefore we must meet and worship with other Christians, to expand our Christian lives and to recognise Gods will for each of us and our communities. As Methodists we rejoice in the Love of God and the Gift he bestowed to us all 'Jesus Christ', we deliver this through...