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Celebrate Easter as a whole Family at St. Paul’s

Messy Easter – Saturday 20th April 2019 2-4pm

A fun filled afternoon for all the family.

Comprising of lots of fun, games, music crafts and of course snacks along the way.

The event is free of charge and everyone is welcome, please feel free to let your friends and families know.

For more details please drop us a message on Facebook or by email.





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Ministers Newsletter March 2019

Dear friends,


I have had the privilege over the past few months of meeting with a group of 8/9 people exploring membership and what it means in the Methodist Church. We studied Scripture, shared and prayed together and explored some aspects of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus as part of the Methodist Church. Just meeting together in the way we did was a profound reminder of the significance of Band/Class meetings that were a key feature of early Methodism. These gatherings were real opportunities for journeying together in faith, deepening discipleship and being equipped for mission and evangelism in responding to God’s call to each of us and collectively as the church. I looked forward to these get togethers which I found to be a real blessing.

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