Sunday Worship - 10.30am

Unlike some Churches we are privileged to have many different Preachers visit us each week at 10.30am.

This means no 2 weeks are ever the same, sometimes we have Drama, sometimes we have Guitars and Vocal Groups, sometimes we have quite sombre reflections but one thing is sure, regardless of how our Preacher delivers their sermon we give praise to God and Jesus Christ.

Singing in Church

A Typical Sunday Morning

Arrive at 10.30am

Welcome and News from the Stewards

Opening Prayer (from our Preacher)

Children leave for Junior Church

Sermon, Hymns, Prayer and Drama

Junior Church Return

Closing Prayer

Following the service we always sit down and have a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits (sometimes cake) and a chance to sit down and have a chat with our friends about the week that has just passed and plans for the following week.


We regularly take communion, as is traditional of all of Christianity in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Communion at St. Paul's consists of gluten free bread and non alcoholic wine, so totally accesible for all.

All are welcome at the Lord's table, however we recognise some people may not wish to partake, this we fully understand and would ask anyone not wishing to partake to join us at the front, with your hands by your side just to receive a blessing or maybe stay in your seat and have your own private prayer and moment of reflection.

All Age Services

St. Paul's is privileged to have its own marching band and uniform divisions.

Many times in a year we honour them and their dedication with a service of celebration.

These services give the Leaders chance to share their experiences since last with us and issue the young members with their well earned badges. The Church usually becomes a hive of activity with over 100 at times in attendance and the energy given off is addictive to all the congregation.